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Residential Home Access Ramps

We Provide Safe and Accessible Ramps for Your Home

Custom Modular Design

At Kootenay Ramps, we understand that every home is unique, and that's why we offer custom modular ramp design services. Our team will work with you to assess your home's entry way and design ramps that are safe and functional for your specific needs. From start to finish, we'll ensure that your ramps are installed to the highest standards of safety and esthetics.



At Kootenay Ramps we use a Canadian sourced high strength aluminum modular ramp system with ThruFlow™ decking surface, manufactured by Q-Ramp™.  These ramps non-invasive, thus does not require any drilling or fastening to your home or structure.  No permits are required, and installation can usually occur in less than 5 hours. Kootenay Ramps and Access will always install your ramp to local building code to ensure your utmost safety and usability. When you are done with your ramp, we will dismantle it  and you'll never know it was ever there.


QRamp™ uses ThruFlow™ decking surface which is designed to look good and perform flawlessly, with minimal maintenance.  Most snow & rain pass through the decking surface, and the surface is ice resistant. No sanding, painting or staining is required. The ramps are U/V stabilized and will last for many years.



The ThruFlow™ decking surface of our ramps provide the highest safety standards in the industry. It has a 360° non-slip surface and is ice resistant. It is also ADA Compliant Running Surface.

Kootenay Ramps and Access will always install your ramp to at least a 1:12 rise-to-run ratio, which allows for easy and safe access for all users. 

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